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Christian Life Coaching

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Keenya Kelly

I’ve invested over $25,000 in coaching over the years and no one has ever championed me in not only all of my visible gifts, but in who I am and was created to be with God!
Christian Life Coaching

Ray Grondin

You gave me exactly what I needed to launch... We now have 2 schools and have grown to a national level. Not only did it save my school, it also saved jobs for teachers and staff.
Christian Life Coaching

Katie Chase

Working with Lisa has transformed my understanding of how God perceives me, connects with me, and loves me. I feel so much more confident in recognizing how the Holy Spirit guides me to practically partner with God in His work - it feels like a life-giving partnership.
Christian Life Coaching

Anna Powers

Through working with Lisa, I reconnected with how much Jesus truly loves and cares for me. This has brought a peace and confidence to the decisions I take that I honestly hadn't experienced before. 
Christian Life Coaching

Matthias Miller

My mentoring session with Lisa gave me clear, actionable insight...She helped unlock challenges that I was facing, giving me clarity on how to practically walk out God's plan and purpose...
Christian Life Coaching

Tanya Folwell

From the ... conversation I had with her I left feeling empowered with the very tools needed to face life. There was an inspiration ...that lead me straight to my knees in true conversation with God, my Father.  
Christian Life Coaching

Rochelle Warren

The day you spoke at the [Event] on this [How To Hear God] I was mesmerized by how I can start activating this beautiful and authentic way to communicate with God
Christian Life Coaching

Brian Friesen

She has a beautiful way of hearing what Father God would like to say to each individual to motivate us to reach for a higher level! I know that every time I get on a call with her I will be refreshed and built up in my connection with God. 
Christian Life Coaching

Ryan F

...I was wowed by everything I got out of my session with her, and I walked out feeling totally refreshed and inspired to live my daily life differently.  
Christian Life Coaching

Kelvin Idah

I was frustrated because I didn't know what God was calling me into. Lisa brought clarity into the situation and helped me take ownership, and now I am confident in my calling.
Christian Life Coaching

Maxine T

I came to our session feeling overwhelmed and lacking direction, but just one hour with Lisa made me feel confident, loved, inspired and closer to God

Belén Vallejo

I was losing hope and ... I had a hard time focusing and hearing God again. After [coaching], all the missing pieces of my questions suddenly lifted and was able to focus and run with a clear goal.

Sandra G

I hit a major sales goal yesterday ($1 Million YTD). Thank you for being part of my success. You are in the right career/ministry. You change lives with your wisdom.

Tayla Rede

No matter the situation, Lisa brings clarity and great wisdom every time she opens her mouth. I always leave every meeting with her with renewed vision and excitement for all that I’m doing. She has a way of hearing from God that uplifts all that come into contact with her. 

Wendy Copeland

The insights she provided helped me in finding my next steps, brought comfort for the journey, and offered a new tool to support ongoing dialogue for the adventure. 

Steve Kurti

This is probably the best phrase to describe the last 60 minutes - mind blown! I highly recommend Lisa both for her cogent insights as well as her unflinching integrity

Liesl Young

After coaching with Lisa, I can see more clearly what God has already been speaking to me and I now know which way to go. I'm so grateful for her time and expertise.

Dianne Raynor

Lisa is truly anointed. With just listening and asking a few questions she was able to help me have such clarity on the approach and messaging for my business. Big bonus was scriptures she spoke over me to confirm all we had discussed.
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